Frank’s Social Hub

For the 3D Product Reality class with Kevin O’Callaghan we have to imagine and design a campaign for an american President from the past as if he ran today. My President was Franklin Pierce, elected in 1853 in a delicate moment prior the Civil War. Pierce was not very known for his politic career but his social character and charism made him the right person that could appeal both factions of the Union, pro and con slavery. I imagined him getting to know his electors opening up a pop up coffee cart where people could meet him and talk to him about the Nation’s issues and possible new opportunities. Therefore I created The Frank’s Social Hub and branded coffee cups, napkins, t shirts and aprons along with the slogan “you can call me Frank” to address my president’s humbleness and desire to talk and meet his electors. During the venue at the SVA Main Building I served coffee and entertained with the public.

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