D-Ford Comms Design ​​​​​​​
How communication design supports several internal initiatives in a human-centered design environment.
What is D-Ford?
D-Ford is a human-centered design group that uses deep customer knowledge with a design thinking approach to inform and deliver strategic decisions, product opportunities and new services experiences — while demonstrating and engraining the design-thinking way of working within Ford.​

At D-Ford we work in interdisciplinary teams to identify new opportunity areas for Ford and make bold recommendations for future products. In today's automotive industry – with its ambiguity and complexity – there is a need to process information fast and yet define a clear narrative that can help customers feel recognized.

At D-Ford, comms design is the language through which our exploratory work is clearly communicated and explained to our users, partners and stakeholders.
D-Ford Offsite 2021

D-Ford Offsite is a 3 day event where we recognize our work and people. Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic, we still wanted to design a memorable experience full of talks, workshops and moments to connect. Along with the digital experience I designed a little agenda with details about the events, and blank spaces to jot down ideas and thoughts. In the design I included images that each of us took and shared throughout the year on our channels. The main design motif is the root to symbolize our connection to our work, customers and each other. Finally, in the interior back cover we hid a patch as a gift for everyone with the message: "We Are Each Other's Roots."
D-Ford Social Media

Tasked with creating an image and a message for our D-Ford social media outlets, I explored different ideas to better represent who we are. The goal was to be generic and yet engaging enough to draw people into our world. The message is both for current followers and new ones that would like to see what's coming for D-Ford and eventually be part of it.

The chosen design is hand-drawn on a sticky-note, as if it's just one of the many sticky notes we use during our process. The hands making our D-Ford logo want to represent we are people that design for other people.
Ford Welcome VR Kit

How can we can design a package that feels enough on brand and yet human-centered?  
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion At D-Ford

In response to recent events around racial injustice in our society, the global D-Ford team mobilized to define new projects that embrace diversity, equity and inclusivity, investigate underlying issues, and maximize our impact. The following designs are in support of clearly communicating leadership the various initiatives scoped by the DEI team. These proposed experiences are all aimed at flipping orthodoxies in our workplace by creating new best practices to transform D-Ford – and then Ford and society at large –in a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place.
Research Round Table Events

The D-Ford design research team has been organizing a series of talks called Research Round Table. Every talk features a guest speaker to uncover new topics.
The Future of Delivery
As part of the bigger project scoped around the future of delivery, I imagined what a campaign could look like, from icons to color, fonts and the general look and feel. 
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