User-Centered Banking
Proposing a human-centered strategy to reimagine a client's credit card application experience.
Imagining a New Credit Card Onboarding Experience
Through a process-centered approach, we suggested strategies like simplifying form fields and introducing self-validating forms. These ideas aimed to minimize friction, keystrokes, and fraud risk, presenting a unified accordion format for a streamlined journey with preloaded content.

We also envisioned elevating the experience by pre-validating data in real-time, seamlessly combining pre and post-data entry phases. While not yet implemented, these concepts underscore our commitment to reimagining user interactions.

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Please, note that this project is under development, and I am not able to disclose more information.
However, if you would like to learn more or have any questions, please feel free to ask away!

Desktop Prototype

The Process
In a 2-week sprint, we re-imagined the credit onboarding experience for First National Bank of Omaha to align with their customer-centric approach. We analyzed onboarding flows, conducted customer interviews, and created a new flow and clickable prototype that enhances the user experience.

Incorporating industry standards, UX essentials, and joyful moments, we provided a branding experience beyond the credit card application.

My role as principal experience designer included overseeing UX research, analyzing UX flows, and collaborating with a visual designer to create new flows and a functional prototype.
Outcomes and Deliverables
Pitch Deck
Desktop + Mobile Prototypes

Understanding The Current Experience
Card application appears to be a low point in the experience — mostly transactional and impersonal.
Current Flow
Studied the current flow, identified challenges, and conducted feedback sessions with internal and external teams to quickly identify design flaws and make necessary adjustments.
Re-imagining The Flow
Combining top-notch UX experiences – within finance and non – with user insights, and a blend of personal testing and assumptions, we redesigned the flow to minimize obstacles and maximize moments of realization.
Revised Flow
Reimagining the flow based on insights from our research to create a more engaging and user friendly experience.
The New Experience
Optimizing load time, improving feedback, personalizing the experience, and guiding users with trust-building insights.
Card Customization
The carousel gives users more card design option to choose from, plus the possibility to upload their own designs.
Mobile Screens
Examples from mobile experience, including Welcome Screen, Card Selection, Financial and Personal Information.

The Accordion
The accordion design helps reducing fields and allows content preload to cut down load time.
Stay Connected
Last page offers ways to start using points and helps users get excited about the rewards card.
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